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Almost every site needs to install google maps. Google created a powerful API and without it I can no longer imagine my work. And customers want to see stylized Google maps. There is an excellent service for styling Google maps, which visualizes the map settings and generates code that you just need to insert into your project – Snazzy Maps..

Immediately I advise you to register on it. Registration allows you to add favorite cards to your bookmarks and store your own.

Explore styles

Let’s start with the “Explore Styles” tab. Here you can choose the style you like (and even change it) and use the map on your website.

Create a style

Next is the tab “Create a style”. Here you can create your own style. Choose the main map style: Default, Light, Dark, Monochrome or import from JSON.

And then you can customize each element of the map. Here it will be necessary to sit for a while and experiment with sliders and palettes.

After the work done, you can copy the generated code.

Build a map

A function recently added by developers is the creation of an custom map. You fill the name of the map, choose the style or create your own. On the map you can place several markers (by coordinates or by the name of the object), choose their color, type and even upload your marker image. You can also select the language of the map, type, customize the buttons, etc.

In general, I highly recommend this service, he repeatedly helped me in working on sites, and stylized maps are now used on many of them.

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