Looking for good photos stocks for Themeforest themes

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To sell a product, you need to present it well. This is not surprising. For selling your items on Themeforest or other marketplaces, you should interest the buyer.  You can do it with high-quality photos. But you can’t  use each photo from internet. That most of them are protected by copyrights. But, fortunately, there are photos for the theme of Themeforest.

Important! If you supply demo data with your WordPress theme, exclude photos from your theme, because most of the images you can use for commercial purposes, but you can not sell these photos, but use them only as demo content.

Photos stocks for Themeforest

To avoid this, it is better to use images available for commercial use. Below I will give a few useful photo stocks, photos of which can be used in your works:

  1. Our favorite photo stock https://unsplash.com/ – A photo stock with a lot of images. Here you can find many excellent photos, corresponding to the trends and in good resolution.
  2. https://www.pexels.com – something like a photo stock aggregator, with a good searching for tags.
  3. http://www.freepixels.com/ – еAnother photo stock, but, in my opinion, too uncomfortable in finding photos.
  4. Icons on sites are incredibly popular, and in WordPress themes without them is almost indispensable, especially in svg format for mobile devices. And just for the icons there is an excellent site http://www.flaticon.com/ – a large selection of icons available in svg and other formats.
  5. If you can not live without Google, then you must filter the images for usage rights. To do this, in the photo issue, click on “Tools” – “Usage Rights” – “Labeled for reuse with modification”. In this case, Google will give you images that can be used for commercial purposes. But I would not strongly trust this option – there is no guarantee that these photos were not copied illegally from some photo stocks.


Important! To maximize your safety, try to specify the sources and authorship of images in readme.txt, license.txt and the documentation of your item.

Here is the list of the most appropriate photostocks that will help fill your topic with demo content. In AN2 studio we often use https://unsplash.com/ and http://www.flaticon.com/.


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